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Microdosing psilocybin aka Magic Mushrooms

Published on
26 October 2021
Kenneth J Good

How To Microdose                   

Start at 50mg of mushroom. (Dose)

Take a supplemental dose every 3 days. (Frequency)

Monitor effects and your mood each day.

Adjust Dose/Frequency accordingly, cutting it short if need be.

Continue for one month. Take a break. Repeat if you desire or create your own cycle.

Welcome to the Magical World of Psilocybin. A psychedelic compound found in several species of funky fungi, such as Psilocybe Cubensis, that is well known for making people trip out and vibe with the Universe. You can see your hands grow, the walls breathe, or all the bright colors of your surroundings blending in together like a vivid whirlpool. While also restoring your brain from the symptoms of severe depression.

That’s right, the Magic Mushrooms that were once outlawed and demonized in an effort to control the First Nation populations, People of Color, and those that stood against the American War Effort, have been found in Human Studies to be an effective treatment for those suffering from Depression. Not only is Psilocybin an effective treatment, it is highly effective for those that have been deemed treatment resistant, which means all Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic treatments had little effect on such people. How bizarre to live in a World where depression rates are only getting worse, and to have the one highly effective treatment hidden behind criminalization. The real crazy part is that you don’t even have to get high to receive the medicinal benefits of Psilocybin.

What research is now finding, is that People can take what is being referred to as Microdosing, and receive all the benefits Psilocybin has to offer. From restoring your brain to boosting creativity. And to think when I was in high school we were taught Magic Mushrooms made our brains bleed. Funny how Science changes with time. 

So what is Microdosing, and How can it Benefit You?

Microdosing is supplementing small amounts of psychedelic substances like Magic Mushrooms or LSD every few days. Typically where one would start is 50-100mg of Psilocybin Mushroom every 3 days. 50-100mg is far below the minimum threshold for intoxication, which is typically around 500mg, so you won’t feel high. You may feel a little funny, especially as your body digests the mushroom, but you won’t have any visuals or other trippy feelings. You will be able to go through your typical day just as you normally would.

Often what people report from Microdosing is:

  • Improvements to their Mood, such as their Wellbeing, with more Positivity.
  • A Creative Boost with Increased Problem Solving Abilities.
  • Higher Cognitive Processing. Faster Thinking with Improved Motivation and Focus.
  • Increased Energy and Stimulation with Lower Stress.
  • A Stronger Ability to Quit a Bad Habit, such as smoking or drinking.
  • And A More Positive Outlook on Life

Psilocybin is a mood booster. Even when people take enough Magic Mushrooms to trip out, more often than not they feel overwhelmingly positive the next day. It’s one of the main reasons why People love Psilocybin. Microdosing does the same thing, just over time. Each day you get a little boost, and through each week your well being improves. Usually people Microdose for a month, or work up to around 6-8 weeks. Some save it for only when they’re feeling low, others supplement everyday. Everybody is gonna be different. Now with that being said, with Psilocybin being a mood booster, once you’re feeling positive that is usually a good time to take a break as you can push yourself into irritability and feeling like you’re on edge. You can also make mental illnesses worse if you’re not careful. This is why Microdosing is highly effective in treating depression, because you can play around with the amount you’re taking and the frequency of supplementation, significantly reducing the likelihood of unwanted side effects that can occur from Psilocybin or other psychedelic compounds.

Now let’s break this down, 

50 mg of mushroom is the perfect Dose to start as you feel the benefits without feeling the psychoactive properties of getting high off the plant. The minimum threshold is usually around 500 mg, so we’re far below the point of tripping out. Here you will receive the benefits while at most feeling only a little funny as your body digests the mushroom. Some may have their anxiety triggered, which is where Frequency comes into play.

If anxiety is triggered, first step is to reduce Frequency from every 3 days to once a week. If anxiety is still triggered at only once a week, you are going to have to make a decision on whether or not Microdosing is benefiting you. It won’t be for everyone, which is why it is suggested to Monitor how it affects you throughout the week. Most people see benefits in mood when dealing with depression and also in creativity, seeing faster cognitive processing.

Unfortunately the big area of concern when microdosing psilocybin is Mental Illnesses dealing with Mania or Anxiety. With that being said, because Microdosing involves ingesting a very small amount of psilocybin, it is the best way to get the benefits while reducing the likelihood of a negative reaction. The best part is that it is easy to adjust microdosing to find a Dose / Frequency that works for you.

It is suggested to supplement Psilocybin for one month at first because that way you will know exactly how Microdosing benefits you, giving you the ability to design your own cycle. Everyone is different. Some will continue dosing every 3 days at 50 mg, others take it everyday or only once in a blue moon. It all depends on how it helps you. Just remember, the more you raise your dose and frequency, the higher chance of adverse effects. With each day of usage, adverse effects may have a stacking effect, becoming stronger the longer you continue your regime. Thus if need be, take a break or stop the cycle short. Not all people will need a full month cycle, and most will need their brain to cool off and reset, often feeling the best benefits after doing so. The after effects of Microdosing has made many people feel as if their cognitive processing is working on a higher level. 

Some suggested Cycles after your first month would be, 

  • Maintaining Frequency at every 3 days or once a week, but working on increasing the dose to 100mg. This will benefit those seeking the Creative Boosting properties. It may benefit you as well to supplement at every 2 days, working your way up to every day if you can handle it. Though everyday is typically for Silicon Valley or Wall Street types of Individuals. These Individuals tend to also supplement LSD instead of Mushrooms.

Or you can,

  • Save the Microdosing for your blue days, aka when you’re feeling depressed. More often than not, a single Dose can take you out of your depressed state, and gets your brain working again. Sometimes you may need to take an extra Dose in the next two or three days but from there, not only will you likely be feeling better but you will also be more capable of progressing through your day. 

Play around with it, and figure out how microdosing psilocybin works for you. The best part is that there can be a Cycle created for nearly everyone, and with minimal negative effects. What I personally suggest for you, for when you’re either starting microdosing or maybe you’ve been at it for a while, is to focus on something creative or productive. Microdosing will boost your level of focus, creating the best time for you to add something extra to your life. Microdosing can be the key to a better life. It certainly has been for thousands of us as we push for the world to see Psilocybin as it should be, a Medicinal Mushroom with life saving properties.

What’s this mushroom doing to my brain? How does it work, and what are the risks?          

92% of Participants reported an improved mood after Microdosing in a study published in Harm Reduction Journal. But why? How can consuming a mushroom that makes people act all silly help me? Well research out of Yale University has found that compounds found in Psilocybin increase the amount and density of our dendritic spines, which are small protrusions found on nerve cells, aiding in the transmission of information between nerves. These changes occurred from a single dose of Psilocybin and were still present a month after the study concluded as well. Another study found Psilocybin reduced the response of the Amygdala to negative stimuli, reducing anxiety and boosting participant’s mood, while also potentially increasing brain plasticity. Basically it restores your brain, while building stronger connections between your nerve cells allowing for higher cognitive processing. (It also stimulates the visual cortex, that’s what causes you to see things when taken at a high enough dose.) The best part? Well studies have shown the effects, such as improved mood, of supplementing Psilocybin can last up to a year, maybe even longer. Many of those who suffer from treatment resistant depression, saw improvements in their mood for 3 to 6 months from a single dose. So the benefits last. You don’t have to take Psilocybin all year round. Now most of these studies are using a single large dose of Psilocybin Mushrooms. The benefit of Microdosing is that you can have all of those health benefits, without having the psychedelic effects.

Image: “Typically, the signals in your brain follow the same pathways day after day. They’re a bit like a jogger who runs the same route through the neighborhood every day. When the researchers compared the brains of participants who had received an injection of psilocybin versus A placebo, signals were taking all kinds of new paths and forming different connections.

Essentially psilocybin freed the brain’s activity from being confined to its usual pathways and let it wander freely.” source

Microdosing won’t be for everyone.

While Psilocybin is a great treatment for depression, some may feel an increased level of Anxiety. This means for those who have an Anxiety disorder they are certainly at a higher level of risk when supplementing Psilocybin or other psychedelic compounds. The same with People who have psychotic disorders like Bipolar or Schizophrenia, as Microdosing may be too overly stimulating for them.

The safety of Microdosing lies in controlling the dose. With lower dosages of 50 mg and a slow frequency of once or twice a week side effects rarely occur, and when they do they are often minimal. This would be the ideal level to start, so you can see how you feel with the risk of negative side effects being at their lowest. When negative side effects do occur at this level it is most often gone within the day and is reported to be on the lighter side, such as feeling irritable or low levels of anxiety.

            Also for some it will be best to avoid supplementing Psilocybin alongside other  intoxicating substances, such as THC or Alcohol. Mixing substances can cause an adverse reaction, and increases the risks of negative side effects.

It is always highly advised to research any supplement and all of it’s ingredients before implementing it into your diet, especially if you happen to have any condition such as those mentioned above or any other, Mental or Physical. When it comes to supplements it takes a bit of research and experimentation to find what works best for you.

A note from the author

Personally I love Microdosing for both the creative aspects and the mood boosting properties. Sometimes I feel a little blue, and taking just 50mg of Psilocybin Mushroom takes me right out of it. It has also improved my writing ability. A few years ago, I was in University taking courses on Writing, and I was struggling. I could barely put 600 words down in a day, when I had 16 page papers due. Although around this same time, I had found an opportunity. The University of Western Australia was conducting a study to test the benefits of Microdosing, and it was free to sign up. So I did. The next 6 weeks truly changed my life. Almost immediately I felt a higher level of focus. I wasn’t distracted as much when I was trying to write. I had more confidence in just getting the work done without overthinking it all. My thought processing became faster and I was able to stay on the task at hand, working for most of the day straight without a break. Soon not only did I feel positive, I was writing 1800 words in three hours on average. Microdosing gave me that extra edge I needed to push past the wall I had made for myself. I was in my own way, and it allowed me to explore my passion that is now an everyday thing. It blows my mind that we were taught these plants make your brain bleed. If that were true, I would be dead. Instead my life is improving. It has since I took part in that study, and started Microdosing.

There were some hiccups near the end of the trial. After about a month, I started to feel irritable rather easily, which after the Study concluded was found to be common at that time range of the experiment. Now it was easy to continue despite the irritation up to the 6 week mark. Meditation got me through it, and while I was feeling easily irritable, I still had the focus and the creative boost. At the 6 week mark, I was ready to stop. Luckily the study was also over. The irritation became an all day thing. I believe this is due to my cognitive processes operating at a speed I was not used to. Though it soon dissipated as I discontinued the supplementation of Psilocybin. After that, I took a break for a few months. Feeling mostly positive during this time. Since then I save it for when the blue days come, or when I’m working on a creative project. The irritability can actually benefit when writing fiction, and I have since Microdosed beyond 6 weeks, as I am in a better position to handle the enhanced cognitive functioning, and feel more prepared to handle microdosing for longer periods of time. In my opinion, I feel it is best to start small and slow. Work your way up to 6 weeks first at 50 mg every 3 days. Start with 2 weeks or a month, then take a break, let your mind settle, and it will get easier with each cycle. Pay close attention to how you feel. Just because it is advised to take a dose every 3 days, you don’t have to. If you’re feeling on edge, save it for the next day or even week. To really understand how Psilocybin will benefit you, you’re going to have to experiment, and really feel how it affects you. From there you will know your personal frequency, or when you need it. I highly recommend trying Microdosing for at least a month. It may give you that boost you need to step forward to something new, something refreshing. Microdosing can change your life for the better. It helped me get past my personal walls, to be free to do as I desire. So try it out whether you’re feeling blue, or looking for that extra boost.

All of us here at Tender Loving CBD truly believe there is a combination of plants for everyone, which is why we will always encourage experimentation. Play around with your Health and Fitness. Take control and own your body. While you’re at it, we’re here to help. That’s what we do. Help you on your personal journey of not only feeling Optimal but truly being Optimal in both Mental and Physical aspects of your life. That is why each of our products is designed to maximize benefits with plants that actually work, so come on over. Check out what we have to offer, and see how we can help you towards that Optimal Life.

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